Pikmin 4 comes out tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch – and that’s the gameplay

Starting tomorrow, July 21, 2023, new adventures will blossom Pikmin 4 to Nintendo Switch. When a group of space travelers become trapped on a distant planet, it’s up to you as the Rescue Team’s newest recruit to try to save them. Following the distress signals of the outcasts, you penetrate more and more into a fantastic world full of strange creatures. Fortunately, along with many enemies, friendly beings also live in this world.

Team up with Pikmin! These hardworking little helpers may be small in stature, but together they are mighty. With the help of Pikmin, you go in search of treasure in vast territories. Defeat wild beasts, solve puzzles, and rescue stranded travelers.

You can breed, collect and command Pikmin to complete small and large tasks. Pikmin come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, the red ones are resistant to fire and have powerful attacks, while the new Ice Pikmin can freeze anything, such as enemies and water properties, and the strange new glow Pikmin lives in the dark and blind enemies.

On your adventure you will be joined by Ochin’s adorable rescue dog. This loyal companion can knock down obstacles, move heavy objects, and carry a whole pack of Pikmin on his back. Ochin can also learn to jump, swim, attack enemies, and more.

Caves, which can be found all over the planet, are waiting for you with puzzles, strange creatures and powerful bosses. Time moves differently in these dark depths, so explore such places at your own pace.

Are you an experienced planet explorer looking for a challenge? Then set off on nocturnal journeys full of dangers and more aggressive creatures! Your task is to defend the buildings that contain glow nectar. This valuable substance is very much loved by hostile creatures.

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Are you very organized? Is efficiency a top priority for you? Put these skills to the test in Dandori duels – alone or against another player in the same game system. During these battles, players must collect more objects than the opponent in time to win and save the outcasts.

The Nintendo eShop has a file Free demo by Pikmin 4 Available so that players can experience this exciting and flourishing adventure. All progress can be carried over to the full game later. Never played Pikmin before? Then this is the perfect entry point for anyone who wants to discover what’s so great about Pikmin!

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