Pixel devices will measure your heart rate with camera sensors starting March 8th

Usually, a heart rate sensor is needed to measure your heart rate, which you will often find on a smartwatch or activity tracker. Various Google Pixel devices are part of a testing program starting March 8th to determine the heart rate rhythm by placing a finger in front of the camera sensor.

Dynamic mobile features

Google announced earlier this year that it is working on so-called Mobile Vitals features for Google Fit. With the new functions, it is possible to measure the heart rate without the need for regular heart rate monitors. The cameras on your phone (Pixel) are used. As of now, it is still not known when the Mobile Vitals features will be available. Android Police He says this time to find out that the update will be released on March 8th.

Initially, the functions of Mobile Vitals will only be available on Pixel devices, but they are being considered for other Android phones in the long term. The devices eligible for the update have yet to be announced and when Google will remove the exclusive Pixel phones. It is known how the Mobile Vitals functions work: Two moving images show the measurement of your heart rate and measurements of your breathing while at work. In both cases the camera sensor is used.

Heart rate measurement

According to the gif image, users must place one finger on the cameras on the back of the phone to measure the heart rate rhythm. You will then be asked to press a little, until the camera sensor can see the entire surface of your finger. With a “fingerprint” in the image, the software can capture so-called optical imaging signals, which are small differences in skin color that can be analyzed to estimate the rhythm of the heartbeat.

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Pixel devices will measure your heart rate with camera sensors starting March 8th

In addition to measuring your heart rate, Google Fit can also detect your breathing rhythm after an update. To measure your breathing rhythm, your face and chest should be visible through the selfie camera. It then analyzes the number of times your chest moves to display the number of “breaths per minute”. For both heart rate (BPM) and rhythm of breathing, these are not measurements that can be compared to measurements made with medical equipment. However, the measurements can be used to map their health status on their own.

Subtraction of pixels

Google indicated that the feature will be rolling out to Google Pixel phones first. It is unknown which generations of Pixel phones will receive the Mobile Vitals features. Since the first Google Pixel (XL) and Pixel 2 (XL) will no longer receive updates, it is likely that an update will be rolled out to Pixel 3 (XL), Pixel 3a (XL), Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a users. 5G and Pixel 5. Take this up to the physical release on Monday, March 8th with the necessary salt grains.

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