Please note: There is a scam LastPass app in the App Store

Apple mistakenly allowed a fraudulent LastPass app in the App Store. LastPass says it is urging Apple to remove the rogue app from its App Store.

“LastPass would like to alert our customers to a fraudulent app masquerading as our official LastPass app in the Apple App Store,” the company said in a statement. Blog post. Interestingly, the fake app has almost the same name as the legitimate LastPass app: Lasspasses. However, according to LastPass, it is relatively easy to spot a fake. This app is released by another developer called “Parvati Patel”. Official LastPass apps are always shown below Log Me In CompanyDeveloper account.

Additionally, the fake app has a different logo and the screenshots contain language errors. In the text below the screenshots, the developer also talks about “LassGuard,” possibly to trick App Store security. Otherwise, the product text is almost identical to the real app, but the fake LastPass app states different privacy and usage terms.

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Malicious intentions

The fake app was clearly placed on the App Store with malicious intent. The data entered in the fake app can be misused by the developer. LastPass does not report in its blog post whether there are any victims of data theft. Although the potential consequences are still unclear, it’s important to always check if you’re logging into the correct LastPass app. Especially if, for example, the login details of your bank are in a password manager, the consequences of data theft could be serious.

It has not yet been removed from the App Store

At the time of writing this article, a fake version of LastPass (“LassPass Password Manager”) still exists in the App Store. LastPass says it has urged Apple to remove the app as soon as possible. Even then, you have to be careful. If you want to make sure you have the correct app installed, you can find the links for that at Official Website.

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LastPass requires longer master passwords

Have you already entered your login details into the fake app? Then make sure to change your LastPass account password as soon as possible. Also change passwords for accounts linked to your password manager. Finally, it is recommended that you activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for LastPass.

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