The head of Xbox no longer wants exclusivity in Call of Duty

Xbox head Phil Spencer no longer wants to see any form of exclusivity for Call of Duty games on any console. Microsoft CEO calls for 100% equality in all games on all platforms. Spencer also wants to get rid of exclusive features or skins temporarily.

Spencer announced the news via Xbox’s official podcast. For example, the head of Xbox announced that temporary exclusivity for game features, as well as exclusive skins and modes, such as the “play it first” beta on PlayStation, will no longer occur now that the franchise is in Xbox’s hands.

Spencer does this not to diminish the advantages enjoyed by PlayStation players, but to equalize the experience on all platforms. For example, he wants “Call of Duty players on PlayStation and also on future Nintendo platforms to be 100% part of the community.” After all, the point is not for players to “feel like something is passing through them.”

The goal is to release future Call of Duty games with 100% consistency for both launch and post-launch content. Naturally, it would be impossible to match the performance across platforms, but otherwise Spencer wants a similar experience.

Interestingly, he also says that “it is not the intention for players to purchase more Xbox consoles through Call of Duty.” For example, Spencer just wants “the entire Call of Duty country to feel supported on every platform.”

Nice words, but if you read between the lines you will notice that the new policy imposes restrictions on PlayStation only. Thus, the biggest competitor lost its advantage again.

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