Women’s World Cup | “OK, goodbye!” -Bernstein is not at all sad about the elimination of the United States

“OK, goodbye!” That was Bernstein’s first thought after approving a bizarre and crucial VAR penalty, as the ball was found to have crossed the goal line by a millimeter. Sweden won and the world champion was dethroned.

The favorite’s position in particular has bothered the Dutch national team striker for some time. “The United States of America had a big mouth. “But you have to show it on the field first and then talk about it,” Bernstein says.

Just close your mouth for a moment

America narrowly beat Vietnam and drew against the Netherlands and Portugal, so they did not become group winners and faced strong Sweden early on. The result is that the Orange Lionesses always have to play at night, because the schedule is tailored to the favored team.

Bernstein: “I don’t want to be rude, because I have a lot of respect for the American team, but they came out and that relieves me. America has to work now to get better, but above all, remember: Don’t talk about something that’s still far away. Just shut up.”

Team USA arrogant attitude

While the Netherlands plays Spain on Thursday evening into Friday for a place in the semi-finals, the shock in America is still great. Old videos could be going viral on TikTok with Team USA wondering aloud who can stop them.

Trump vs. Rapinoe

Some not-so-flattering ‘highlights’ of the outspoken football star have been compiled and have been blamed for the fact that she had a somewhat jocular reaction to the loss. It is sometimes forgotten that she became a two-time world champion and won Olympic gold as well as bronze, among many other awards.

For example, by Donald Trump. The former US president may still be upset that Rapinoe declined an invitation to celebrate the 2019 world title at the White House. She also called for “equal pay” and equal rights for the LGBTIQ+ community with words and gestures, when Trump and his followers weren’t exactly looking for that.

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