Podcast tour. Wout is the best and the best is Wout: “The fact that Van Aert managed to win has one reason: Nathan Van Hooydonck”

He may not have noticed it right away, but Nathan van Hooydonk was instrumental in Wout van Aert’s second stage win. © BELGA

Not only the race, but the Tour is ours too. Armed with a microphone and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, Michael Van Damme travels to Denmark and France, capturing the most beautiful stories and the most accurate analysis, following the path of the Peloton. every day. Today: Realizing Wout is the best and the best Wout. And how a few phone calls and WhatsApp messages led to a victory in the second stage.

Michael Van Dam

Daily tour, podcast every day

It’s not just a motto, it’s a Nieuwsblad motto all year round. The course is ours. In text, but also in audio. That’s why Het Nieuwsblad brings you a series of podcasts on bikes throughout the season as well as the newspaper and website. With Koers is van Ons: Tour 2022, host Michaël Van Damme is gearing up for his biggest adventure yet: a long ride in the riders’ footsteps. From Copenhagen to Paris. Every morning you can find a new episode in the Nieuwsblad app and trusted podcast channels.

The session podcast is ours. Listen to all of our episodes here.

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