Pokémon Go Mega Latios Counters, Weaknesses and Best Latios Move Set

Mega Latios Makes his debut in pokemon go during the new Air Adventures . event from Aula seasons

Mother of Latius Mega Energy And of course to get Mega Latios you have to participate in Mega Raids and this variant of the famous 3 generation Beat the alternative.

It’s not just a Mega Pokémon, but also the first Legendary Mega Pokémon in Pokémon, so you know that this isn’t just a battle you can win on your own. That’s why we recommend collaborating with other coaches and preparing well. That’s why we help you get the best Mega Latios counters and tell you what are the weaknesses of Mega Latios. This is the fastest way to catch Mega Latios, and who knows, maybe even Bright Latius if you are lucky.

We also have a similar page with Mega Latias counters and vulnerabilitiesSo be sure to check it out too so you can add all of your Mega Legendary Pokémon to your Pokédex.

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Mega Latios counters and vulnerabilities in Pokémon Go

Below you can find Mega Latios’ weaknesses, along with counters useful for defeating Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

  • Mega Latios type – Dragon and Psycho
  • Mega Latius is weak against – Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost and Ice
  • Mega Latios counters – mega attendance, RaykuzazychromeDialgarishiramSalamming Giratina the origin
  • Other tips for Mega Latios – If you can get this pokemon, Mega Latios or Mega Gengar will greatly boost your party and damage of the same type as long as it is active. If you don’t have these Pokémon, use the strongest Dragon, Dark or Ice Pokémon with extra bonus points if they are Shadow Pokémon. It’s best to join a team with at least three other coaches with each coach using good counters to increase your chances of beating Mega Latios.
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Mega Latios CP in Pokemon Go

These are the CP values ​​you can expect from Mega Latios in Pokémon Go raids:

Mega Latios moves in Pokemon Go

Mega Latios, like all other Pokémon in Pokémon Go, can use a variety of quick moves and charging. If you capture Latios during Mega Raids during the Electrify the Sky event, he will get the exclusive “Luster Purge” charged psychic move.

If you want to know the best combination of Latios moves, we recommend Dragon Breath (Fast) and Dragon Claw (Charged).

But of course feel free to make your own decision. These are all available moves:

quick movements:

  • Zane Headbot (Psychic)
  • Breath of Dragon (Dragon)

Charged Moves:

  • Luster Purge (Psychic) ​​- Mega Raid Event Exclusive
  • psychic (psychic)
  • Dragon’s Claw (dragon)
  • solar radiation (herb)

Good luck beating Mega Latios in Pokémon Go!

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