These Apple watches can download watchOS 9

watchOS 9 has been officially revealed, and so we know which Apple Watches could be updated later. In this overview, you can see if your Apple Watch supports watchOS 9.

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Apple Watches with watchOS 9 support

New year, new software release for Apple Watch. Apple revealed last week watchOS 9the successor to watchOS 8. The new version makes your smartwatch better for your health by adding all kinds of functions for exercise, sports and comfort.

But, you should of course be able to download the update. With every new version of watchOS, the old Apple smartwatches are being dropped. This year Apple Watch Series 3 turn or turn. This watch is stuck in watchOS 8 and therefore cannot be updated to the latest version, which will be released later this year.

Apple WatchOS 9 supports:

There are rumors that Apple will release three new smartwatches this year. the expected Apple Watch Series 8The new Watch SE version and the sports version of the Apple Watch will already run on watchOS 9. The watches are expected to be announced in mid-September, along with iPhone 14 . series

This is new in watchOS 9

In watchOS 9, sports and exercise are key. For example, more measurements are taken while running. This way you can view the difference in the height of your running session, among other things.

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Moreover, watchOS 9 can warn the wearer in time of an irregular heartbeat and the sleep app has been given a new look. Some new faces have also been added.

The public beta of watchOS 9 will be released in mid-July. Anyone can download this trial version, but it’s not without risk. After all, the trial version may contain bugs. The final stable version of watchOS 9 will be released around September, and it can be downloaded without any risk.

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