Teachers start their own podcast about the science behind theme parks

Today, 2:07 p.m.

Two theme park experts have started a podcast about theme park science. Titled PretParkProfs, educators and researchers Pieter Cornelis and Wim Strijbosch discuss a weekly science article on the theme park world. They do it in the easiest way possible, in their own words in yip-and-janneke

Cornelis works as a teacher at the Fontes Academy for Creative Economics in Tilburg. In addition to this, he serves as the Strategic Director of the design and decoration firm Jora Vision. Strijbosch stands in front of the class at Breda University of Applied Sciences. He will graduate soon.

Podcast: The Wise Lessons of Amusement Park Professor Peter Cornelis

According to the masters, a lot of scientific knowledge about amusement parks and amusement parks is not yet available in an accessible way. The new podcast aims to change that. In an introductory episode, lasting less than fifteen minutes, the presenters introduce themselves and talk about how they got to know each other.

critical look
The first real episode deals with the definition of the theme park. How are amusement parks and theme parks different from each other and why is this important? It takes Cornelis and Strijbosch 49 minutes to unfold a scholarly article and share their critical point of view. For example, they explain that a trait is not actually an end in itself, but rather aims to create a message that creates an emotional bond with the consumer.

PretParkProfs can currently be listened to for free via Spotify. Soon, podcasts should also be available in other apps, such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The intention is to post a new episode every week from now on. Cornelis was a guest on the Looopings Podcast last year.

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