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Two weeks ago, the Berlin Flash Delivery driver did not want to put it into words, but confirmed today Gorillas Departs from Belgium. The Berliners lasted a whole year.

“Explore all strategic options”

Withdrawals from Belgium and the three markets were already imminent: two weeks ago the Gorillas announced they needed to adjust. In addition, the person making the flash delivery Focuses on its four major European markets (Germany, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom) and the United States. Gorilla will make an additional investment in it, including the one launched yesterday First private label products

For the other four markets (Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Spain), the Germans would look at “all strategic options”: all followers understood that a departure was imminent, but it could not be said in many words. Now you can: View HLN Administrator’s internal email Withdrawal confirmedThis is not so unexpected: Jeff Coleroight also clarified it earlier this week ‘Quick trade’ is completely unprofitable In the Belgian context.

Gorillas Launched June 17, 2021 in Belgium And (parts) were given only to Antwerp and Brussels, but until last month it had an unquenchable thirst for expansion. Earlier this year, in Belgium and the Netherlands, it became Strategic partner JumboI took March ended rival Frichti (Which is also active in Belgium) and promised “some amazing projects” in Belgium this summer. However, given the changed circumstances, the curtain falls on the Belgian operation much earlier than expected.

Two weeks ago, Berlin’s speed camera did not want to put it into words, but today came confirmation that the gorillas were leaving Belgium. The Berliners lasted a whole year.

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