Police force warns of snowball fights You could face a fine of கோ 200 crore

Jessica Allen, one of the Derbyshire walkers, said her car was surrounded by police shortly after arriving at Formark Reservoir after driving across the district boundary from her home in Leicestershire.

He said there were many cops who thought someone had been murdered: “Straight away, they start questioning us, and one of them started reading my rights, ‘I was looking at my friend thinking’ this must be a joke ‘.

“I said we came in separate cars, even parked two places and even brought our own drinks with us. He said: ‘You can’t do that because it’s classified as a tourist.’

His friend Eliza Moore said he was “shocked at the time”, so did not challenge the police and gave his details so they could send him a standard fine notice.

“Some people are so scared to see a police officer somehow. We don’t expect to be approached. We are told we are doing something wrong,” he said. “We don’t want to leave it if we break the rule, but in a very vague case it seems a bit unfair to fine you.”

Derbyshire Police said: “Driving to a place where fitness can be taken closer to a person’s home is not in the spirit of a national effort to reduce our travels, reduce the spread of the disease, and reduce the number.

“Every officer will use their professional judgment on a case-by-case basis. However, people should expect to be challenged and understand the obvious reasons why the NHS is being asked about their movements because of the critical situation it currently finds itself in.”

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Tory MP from North West Leicestershire. Andrew Bridgen said he considers the reservoir a local area: “It’s important that general knowledge be used when implementing guidelines, and that fines are more important than providing guidelines.”

Derbyshire police have been criticized as “nanny police” after a drone hit moviegoers traveling in pairs in the Peak District. To prevent “unnecessary” travel on the first lock.

Figures from the National Police Chiefs Council show that the total number of Govt fines imposed in the first 20 days of December rose by almost 30 per cent to 32,329. It was 24,933 at the end of November. Fines of £ 10,000 for raves or house parties have risen from 136 to 198, which could raise nearly 2 million.

Despite the differences between the constables, the forces continue to benefit from low-ranking officers and non-personnel throughout the UK. In London, 14 per cent of officers have been fired. Without London, the national figure would be 6.9 percent.

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