Police have arrested a man suspected of ‘needle spiking’ at the Hague Festival locally

The suspect, a 31-year-old permanent homeless man, has been handed over to police, who are investigating the case. Police have not confirmed whether a needle was actually found, but they are taking the incident “very seriously”.

There have been a lot of reports of people being suspected of being stabbed and drugged while going out recently. Much is unclear about this phenomenon known as ‘needle spiking’. Police are investigating whether this happened at a festival in The Hague.

According to festival organizer Bosman, the woman did not notice Jabs herself, and as far as she knew, she had no problems afterwards. She complained, she says. No other report was received from the organization. “You hear this more and more,” Boseman says. “But you think: this is not going to happen to us. We will be more vigilant now because it’s so scary.

There have also been reports of “a few” injections in Amsterdam in recent weeks. The capital police said. Victims say he was stabbed in the leg or arm while going out, but did not notice it at the time.

The injection of people into the UK last October was big news. Hundreds of reports were made in a few months. But no evidence of injection has been found in the UK so far.

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