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It also states that “grandmother should have a choice” in the Conservative Party’s wishes for our elderly care.

Can the elderly choose? Is it really everyone’s desire to be home alone in the final stages of life, while others think their health is their fault? Is it luck?

Ringerik municipality has about 150 new places. We know this. We know that the rate of dementia is increasing.

dementia village

The question is whether a dementia village should also be built in Ringerike.

The village of Hageweyk in the Netherlands was one of the first in Europe. According to Director General of Aging and Health, Kari Medtbow Christiansen, the experience from there a few years into the operation is that the principles underlying the Dementia Village are perfect.

But she believes that this dementia village should exist in the community and be integrated into the community. We should not have isolated institutions in the country.

Generation Village

She also believes that the so-called generational villages also have more to offer in Norway.

In Aarhus on Jutland in Denmark they have opened a house for generations. Several generations under one roof. Students become environmental workers in the upper neighbourhoods, families live there and there is a kindergarten attached.

In Norway we already have many dementia villages. in Kristiansand and Sula. In Berom, the dementia village Carpe Diem was opened and was awarded the title of Health Building of the Year.

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The vision of the Carpe Diem project is ‘like home’, and we have succeeded. Among other things, a large selection of materials, good outdoor spaces and social areas were noted.

Carpe Diem has 158 long-term places, 17 housing associations and 40 places for daily activities. The total area is 18000 square meters.

Designed for the individual

Daily life adapts to the resident. Relatives and volunteers are seen as an important resource and can actively participate and use facilities such as the café, shopping and walking.

There is a large outdoor area, gardens with areas, botanical and flower gardens, plaza, pub, shops, clubs, physiotherapy, wellness and rooms for rent for family reunification.

The focus is on the opportunities available to residents. Everyone should be able to live as before, despite being diagnosed with dementia. It must be safely stimulated in both indoor and outdoor activities.

couple together

Spouses must be able to live together and have an entry ticket to come and go. They use the kindergarten next door. Carpe Diem was appointed “Minister of Culture” and she does not work in the field of health education. On the other hand, you see the patient to infer the health status of the resident.

Berom municipality used service design methods to find users’ needs before looking for solutions.

Planning for the entire village began in 2003. Construction began in 2014 and Carpe Diem was completed in 2020.


Carpe Diem is owned by the municipality of Berom, funded by the Housing Bank, and has a cost of NOK 735 million. Both the Housing Bank and the PPP could be potential financial opportunities for Ringerike Municipality.

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If in Ringerike we renovate our nursing homes around Hønefoss to an approved standard, according to the standards we may know, and at the same time start planning the construction of a dementia village (perhaps in the hospital as mentioned earlier, by Ringerike Hoyer).

Yes, then we must be ahead of what lies ahead in 2030. Probably something we can be proud of!

But it is urgent. Good Choice!

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