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PopSockets announces it This makes our premium phone holders compatible with MagSafe. When Apple announced that accessories would be able to attach to the iPhone 12 using MagSafe, a lot of people immediately thought of PopSockets – including The company itselfIt announced that it is working on adding compatibility. Now, you have finally reached the point where you make an ad and release window.

PopSockets plans to bring MagSafe to quite a few of their products, but first, of course, it’s the famous one PopGrip. Now, if you want to charge your phone wirelessly, you don’t have to Buy PopSockets Professional Wireless Charger. The MagSafe release will have a larger base than many PopSockets users would use, which will likely provide space for a “non-slip” rubber bottom. Hopefully, that prevents PopSocket from slipping in and out of your pocket, much like Apple’s somewhat infamous MagSafe wallet.

Speaking of wallets, PopSockets also announce a magnetic version of PopWallet Plus, which is basically a wallet with a built-in PopSocket. Like Apple’s version, it will include a dedicated shield to protect any cards that are vulnerable to being scanned by magnets.

In addition, PopSockets unveiled two mounts that will use MagSafe: one for the home (dubbed “Multi-Surface)” and the other for the car. The company notes that the new PopGrips will work with existing PopSocket mounts, but the new mounts will work magnetically, although it is not clear if they will use a PopSocket as an additional mechanical grip.

The press announcement had some other notable products, including an anti-microbial version of PopGrip (it’s a sign of the times), and the multi-tool PopGrip is a collaboration with popular knife maker SOG. PopGrip and PopWallet Plus for MagSafe are scheduled to launch in Spring 2021, and PopMounts are scheduled to launch in the summer. No word has been released regarding pricing.

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