These features should include the PS5 Slim

Enjoy surfing the internet

It might seem like an afterthought at first, but if you start thinking about it longer, it comes in handy: your PS5 internet browser. Just a simple separate browser to enjoy the internet. There isn’t much to add something like that, but as a consumer it’s still a great addition.

You can, for example, on PlayStation 5 Access to the web browser via TwitterBut that makes the whole thing a little cumbersome.

what do you say?

Last November appeared in XGN News There are many complaints The PlayStation 5 hype. Numerous responses appeared under this news. Some people find the PS5 too noisy and some not at all. So the point is a bit objective, but the silent PS5 Slim is of course very nice.

It actually looks a lot better compared to the PS4 Pro for example, but it seems to be a huge annoyance to some people.


More memory more than welcome

The PlayStation 5 has 825GB of storage. As an outsider, you might find that initially quite a lot and 825GB could also be a lot. But with today’s games, it’s still very little.

How heavy it is varies for each game, but games like Call of Duty are now at least 100GB fast. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is up to 175 GB and Red Dead Redemption 2 is 150 GB. In this way, this storage passes very quickly. Additionally, you cannot upgrade your PS5 memory with an SSD.

The extra memory would thus be a welcome addition to the PS5 Slim. Consumers are all ready to put something in for the console, but then the reading has to be correct (hence the memory too).

De PS5 Slim controllers

Controllers can definitely get us an upgrade. All in all, they’re great controls, but one major annoyance to us.

If you have to turn off your PS5 console, you are always messing around again. All of this should be easy, right? Do you have to pay € 70 for a PS5 DualSense controller, but there is no easy-to-stop button?

That’s why we suggest the PS5 Slim console to be voiced with a single button. A very easy little addition in secret.

Please leave enough stock

Finally, we shut down a little comically, but secretly that’s the PS5’s biggest point of irritation. We’ve rewarded the next generation of console Review on a scale of 8.8 on a scale of 10. Most of the people were very excited, But then the PS5 should of course be in stock.

On the November release, there were very few copies in stock and more than three months later not everyone still has a PlayStation 5. The console can be pretty nice, but if we can’t buy the PS5, we have one. Nothing yet. So Sony, please make sure you have enough stock when you release this PS5 Slim.

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