Potato chips, chocolate and cookies are bad for the brain for this reason

We all know that healthy eating is important for our brains. But you can treat yourself to chips, chocolate or cookies on the weekend, right? According to science, absolutely not.

researchers University of New South Wales (UNSW) In Australia, a cheat meal can lead to weight gain. A bag of potato chips now and then can even affect brain function and gut health. Scientists came to this conclusion after studying the behavior of rats and rodents.

Research with mice

the team Experiments were conducted Twelve healthy rats were fed standard rat food. In addition, there were three groups of twelve rats that also occasionally received processed food that contained a lot of sugar. So basically some kind of chocolate or potato chips for rats.

The researchers measured short-term memory and bacteria in the rats’ feces before and after the operation.

They also weighed the mice and tracked how much food they ate of each type. This way they knew exactly how many cheat meals each mouse had eaten. At the end of the study, the two groups were compared.

Can’t we eat potato chips?

The results showed that mice that ate a cheat meal sometimes had fewer bacteria in their gut. They had more bacteria associated with obesity and fewer good weight-balancing bacteria. They also suffer from cognitive impairment. For example, mice were less able to process information or remember things after they ate rat chips.

eating mice
Cheat meal?! (photo: Pixabay/Pexels)

These findings add to the growing evidence that your diet affects brain health. Changes in the gut in response to our diet can affect our mindset and behavior. Certainly not in a positive sense. Eating healthy over the long term seems to benefit both the gut and the brain. So leave that bag of chips for a while.

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