It can be seen on 24 Kitchen in June

In this new season of Guilty Pleasures, Perry is once again inspired by celebrity guests’ sneaky snacks, meals and desserts. Or rather, their guilty pleasures?

In this new season’s twenty episodes, you’ll see a variety of famous Dutchmen appear in Perry’s kitchen. Featured artists and popular TV stars include: Dan Carati, Eddie Joy, Renz Glamour, Tycoon Gernand, Bella Hay, Shirma Roos, Ruben van der Meer, Dwan Van Steenhoven and Glenn Faria.

Besides cooking, we know Perry is a social animal. Her enthusiasm and passion for her guests has once again resulted in beautiful, personal and above all hilarious conversations with guests this season. Perry is going to work with celebrities to create a delicious variation of their guilty pleasures.

From June 5, every weekday at 6pm at 24 Kitchen.

Jamie Oliver: Cooking on the cheap

As life gets more and more expensive, Jamie Oliver is back with great ideas for delicious and family-friendly meals using high-quality ingredients that can be produced sustainably. For example, you can make curry in the microwave, bake pizza in a pan instead of the oven, and prepare several dishes at once. This way you save time and money, but you are certainly never inferior to taste!

From June 22, every Thursday at 7pm at 24 Kitchen.

Great flavors from Ainsley

In ‘Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavors’, Ainsley Harriott prepares festive dishes from across the UK. Whether it’s an engagement party, an anniversary party or a beach BBQ with friends, Ainsley is committed to making it a joyfully memorable event. He offers fresh local produce, sends celebrity chefs in search of far-flung flavors and offers recipes that appeal to the public. Additionally, each chapter has imaginative breakfast, lunch and dinner options that can be customized for an unlimited number of guests.

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Starting June 9, every Friday at 7pm at 24 Kitchen.

New era
Gino’s Italian Escape S2

In this new season, Gino continues his journey through Italy. He savors the delicacies that shaped the Tuscan capital of Florence. He learns from a local chef a special method of preparing a Florentine steak, an authentic culinary delicacy. Then his journey through Italy continues and he enters Venice by gondola. Here he visits the best cafes known among the locals and is impressed by their cuisine. He also explores the gastronomic region of Emilia-Romagna, located in Parma. This region is known for some of Italy’s best meats and delicious Parmesan cheese.

From June 19, every Monday at 9pm at 24 Kitchen.

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