Is the United Kingdom still coming up with stricter phytosanitary requirements?

According to Tim Hedema of the Council of Agriculture, there is no denying that the United Kingdom will bring even the strictest phytosanitary requirements for flowers and plants “if anything becomes clear, the English are very careful with plants, especially perennials.”

“We have also seen how they have handled Xylla. As an EU, we have established that what they are doing now is not suitable for us. But it underscores what they have been saying for years. I do not deny that it will change, “Hedima told Plumystems this week. The Agriculture Council will bid farewell to its London base in early August.

At the same time, Hedema sees the progress of the UK as slower than expected. “A few years ago, the UK announced that it was coming up with a plant health strategy that would clarify how severe they could become. The UK may impose mandatory general isolation measures on imports. Until. “

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Ari-France Midelberg

Ari-Franz Midelberg has been a teacher at Wakfat vor de Bloomisterge since 2002 He writes about auctions, logistics and advances in floriculture abroad.

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