British man saves his twin sister by slapping a crocodile a stranger

Georgia Lowry, 28, an accomplished diver, responded impulsively and instinctively when a crocodile grabbed her twin sister Melissa in Mexico and pulled her underwater. The animal kept coming back and Georgia just started slapping him in the face. Fortunately, this tactic worked.

Georgia and Melissa Lowry are from Berkshire, UK. They were on vacation swimming in a lake near Puerto Escondido on Sunday when Melissa was attacked by a crocodile. The woman disappeared under the water. Crocodiles often try to drown their victims. Georgia immediately went to look for her sister. Another sister, Hannah, 33, told the BBC from her home in Alton, Hampshire: ‘Georgia found her unconscious and tried to get her to safety by towing her onto a boat. But the crocodile didn’t give up. And so Melissa started,’ says Hannah Laurie, 33. in beating.” “I heard that is what you should do with some animals.”

According to Hannah, the crocodile threw Melissa like a “rag doll.” “Fortunately, her super tough twin sister was there to hit the animal over and over — which came back about three times — in an effort to save it,” Hannah said.

The twin sisters are now in a hospital in Mexico. Melissa is placed in an artificial coma for fear of infection of her wounds. Doctors are concerned not only with the water in which the sisters swam, but also with anything the crocodile might regurgitate through the mouth and teeth. Melissa is on a ventilator because the water in her lungs may also have suffered from a perforated lung. The two sisters are given heavy antibiotics in the hope of quickly overcoming any infection.

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Hannah sums it up this way: “I would have one less sister now if I didn’t have another excellent sister.”

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