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POTZ, the Flemish digital dance channel, will disappear from Flemish DAB+, but will continue online under the wings of TOPradio.

Many readers have already drawn our attention in recent days to the fact that POTZ is also included in the application and in the list of TOPradio side streams. It’s very cool, because this radio initiative by Gert Potts (former DJ at TOPradio) and businessman Fredrik Verhelst was generally known as a competitor to TOPradio.

Butz, Founded in 2021, stands for a music format that basically includes a special selection of the best dance recordings from 1980 to today. The station rented space on Mux Vlaanderen 2 (5A/5D) from the beginning, but failed to become commercially viable on its own. In what was recently published Annual financial report 2022 There is an alarm bell action and a negative value of €221,932. Although in principle these are debts to its shareholders.

Today TOPradio confirms that “POTZ will soon continue to be online under TOPradio’s wings.” The letter never mentions the takeover. Rather, it appears to be a form of cooperation.

“Over the past two years, a large number of loyal listening fans have been reached, especially through online media,” she said. “The seamless, non-stop musical blend of contemporary dance and dance classics that cannot be heard anywhere else has clearly found its audience.”

However, broadcasting via DAB+ is coming to an end, and it can now also be heard in a message via DAB+. “Due to the increasing costs of providing broadcasting via DAB+, POTZ will soon continue online, under the wings of TOPradio. POTZ has been discontinued broadcasting via DAB+, but POTZ listeners can tune in via the TOPradio BE app and TOPradio.be To listen to their favorite radio station. POTZ listeners can now also listen on the go thanks to Apple Carplay or Android Auto integration via the TOPradio BE app.

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TOPradio continues to build its multimedia platform with a focus on beats and dance. In addition to TOPradio itself, you can also listen online to TOPtechno, TOPretroarena, TOPzillion, Tomorrowland One World Radio, TOPzen, TOPbam, TOPschaamteloos, TOPnewbeat, VersuzRadioByTOP and TOPradio via the TOPradio BE app.

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