President Biden stumbles on the stairs of Air Force One outside

Stumbling in front of the cameras is a nightmare in the political PR class. Political opponents love it. This is especially true for someone like Joe Biden, who is 78 and as the oldest president in US history is regularly stabbed at his age.

Today was the day. Departing for Georgia, Biden stumbled up the stairs of Air Force One. Holding the handrail kept him upright, but a few steps away he stumbled again and then again, landing his knee on a stride. The Democrat quickly straightened, patted his pants, and climbed the rest of the stairs unimpeded.

However, the White House was forced to declare that all was well. White House Communications Director Kate Bidingfield wrote on Twitter shortly after the incident that Biden was fine. The medical team traveling with the president did not have to examine it. Biden had just taken the wrong step down the stairs, nothing more.

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