Prime Minister De Crowe (Open Vld) after criticizing Bushes (MR): ‘Talk about freedom with someone who is seriously ill’

“In a crisis like this, you have to make sure that there is consensus within the government,” the prime minister says. In a crisis, you sometimes have to make adjustments when conditions differ from what is expected. “We had hoped to be able to move in the direction of easing, but almost all of Europe should ignore these plans,” de Crowe said. the seventh day.

Meanwhile, MR President George Louis Bouches describes himself as a liberal, as the man who stands up for the interests of the worker and the self-employed. “What does it mean to be a liberal? There is little freedom if you don’t have health. Freedom and health are closely related today,” says de Crowe, says the politician from Open Vld.

Talk about freedom with someone who is seriously ill. Freedom today is primarily about protecting the health of the population, “de Crowe says.

“People’s health – despite the political troubles this week – is the priority of all governments in our country.” The prime minister says, “There is no way to get in between them.”

Schools close

Schools will be closed next week. “The priority for education ministers is to do everything in their power to keep schools open, and I agree 100 percent with this priority,” said de Crowe. Still defending first Schools close. “Adding this extra week to the holiday will greatly help us epidemiologically in getting education on April 19. This is the goal of all governments.”

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