Prince Harry filed another lawsuit against the British government

Prince Harry has filed a second lawsuit against the British government. The Duke of Sussex has again sued the Home Office against the decision to remove his police protection, but is now targeting the Metropolitan Police. An English court confirmed this to Newsweek on Thursday.

In his new lawsuit, the British prince is seeking to overturn a January decision banning individuals from paying privately for police protection. Harry, who lost his police protection when he and his wife Meghan stepped down as working members of the British royal family in 2020, wants to make sure he and his family are still protected while in the UK. Without protection, Prince, who now lives in Los Angeles, feels unsafe in his homeland.

Two weeks ago, Harry had already won the first case he had ever brought in his defense. The Supreme Court would have ruled that Harry could not afford to pay for police protection and at least have a hearing. It is not yet known when the hearing will take place.

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