Prince Harry goes to court again

Britain’s Prince Harry is again suing Associated Newspapers (ANL), publisher of tabloid newspapers MailOnline and The Mail On Sunday. A spokesman for the prince confirmed to British media that the Duke of Sussex had filed a defamation case with the High Court on Wednesday.

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It is not clear what exactly the issue is, and what articles or ANL title(s) are involved.

Harry and his wife Megan recently won a case against ANL. The Duchess of Sussex felt the publisher had invaded her privacy by publishing part of a handwritten letter to her father, Thomas Markle. And The Mail on Sunday had to apologize to Meghan from the judge. The Duchess also received compensation donated to charity.

Harry, who lives in America, is also involved in a lawsuit against the UK Home Office over his and his family’s security when they are in the UK. The ministry does not want to share information from the intelligence services with other security agencies. According to Harry, who wants to pay the costs himself, he cannot return safely without security.


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