Trump calls Putin’s actions in Ukraine ‘genius’

Former US President Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest move in Ukraine. “Putin is very bright.”

Not everyone looked down on Putin Unilateral People’s Republics Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine declared their independence and shortly thereafter ordered Russian soldiers to enter pro-Russian regions. While the European Union and the United States yesterday First set of penalties It was announced that it would affect the Russian economy, and Donald Trump was a guest at Clay Travis and Buck Sexton ShowAnd there he could only praise Putin’s recent actions.

For example, Sexton asked the former US president where things went wrong with Russia and what Joe Biden should have done differently. Instead of intelligent political analysis of US foreign policy, Trump has shifted his focus to the Russian president.

I watched it on TV on Monday and thought, “That’s genius.” Putin declares independence of Ukraine. Trump said. Trump continued, “How smart is Putin?” First, declare the independence of these two regions. Now he is sending peacekeepers to Ukraine. This is the most powerful peacekeeping force I have ever seen. We could also use such a display of force on our southern border. Under his supervision, Trump stressed, the current scenario is “unthinkable.” Putin is very bright. I know him well. Very, very good.” “And do you know what Biden’s response is?” Trump said, describing Biden as “a guy who has no idea what he’s doing.” There was no response.

Trump’s comments come as the United States has imposed sanctions that would undermine Russia’s ability to do business with the West. “This is what vulnerability looks like on the world stage,” Republican Adam Kinzinger said on Twitter.

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Trump’s words of praise came in the wrong direction with Liz Cheney. “Trump is helping our enemies,” the Republican politician wrote on Twitter. “Trump’s interests do not appear to align with those of the United States,” Cheney said.

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