Prince Harry misses friends and chaotic family gatherings

“I miss the family gatherings, when we were all together under one roof. I miss that,” said Harry. He continues, “Being part of the institute meant I was in the UK, and I miss the UK. I miss my friends.” Harry, 38, says he’s also lost a few friends in the process.

Just because Harry misses his home country doesn’t mean he’s unhappy with where he lives now. “It’s a place I think my mom could have lived in after all,” says Harry. The prince currently lives with his wife, Megan, in Santa Barbara, California.

In the last three parts of the docuseries, Harry and Meghan talk about how they put their royal titles in place and the problems that came with it. Harry says his older brother William yelled at him at a rally about resigning his title. William’s communications team had also knowingly leaked stories about Harry and Meghan. The first three episodes of the Netflix documentary were already shown last Thursday. In it, the couple talked about how they met, Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, and her bad relationship with the British paparazzi.

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