Prince Harry wouldn’t get police protection in the UK, even if he wanted to pay for it himself

The ministry recently argued that it was not appropriate for “the rich to buy police protection”. “It would be unreasonable to put customers at risk for payments from private individuals,” the State Department said. Harry tried to challenge this decision in the London High Court, but the court ruled the complaint inadmissible.

The security case has hit the headlines again in recent weeks after Harry and his wife Meghan claimed they were being followed by paparazzi in New York, where Harry and his family have police protection. According to a spokesperson for the couple, the chase was “near-disastrous,” while other sources have gone into minutiae about the incident. Harry blames the press and paparazzi for the fatal car crash that took the life of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997.

The prince is also launching a legal attack against several British newspapers, including the publishers of the Mirror and the Sunday Mirror. It is reported that he will personally testify in this case in June. The case deals with allegations of espionage, such as the interception of voice messages.

Harry and Meghan took a step back as the heads of the British royal family in early 2020. The couple moved with the children to the US state of California.

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