Boss Wagner’s mercenary group warns of Russia’s defeat in Ukraine • Russia announces a new confiscation of Crimea

Local media reported that the Russian military launched airstrikes and drones on several Ukrainian cities last night. according to Kyiv Independent Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Odessa and Kharkiv were attacked, among others.

The general picture of damage and injuries is not yet available. Dnipro governor Serhiy Lysak wrote on Telegram that eight people were injured in his region alone. Several buildings, including residential buildings, shops, administrative buildings, and a kindergarten, were also hit.

According to Lessack, the damage was still relatively limited, due to anti-aircraft guns (largely provided by the West). According to the governor, 15 drones and four cruise missiles can be intercepted in the air. “Thanks to the defence, we were able to withstand the attack,” Lesc said.

Since the arrival of modern Western anti-aircraft systems, such as the Patriot, Iris-T and Hawk, the Ukrainian military says it has become increasingly successful at fending off Russian air attacks. Ukraine has reportedly intercepted several Kh-47 Kinzhal cruise missiles this month, according to Putin. It could have happened with the Patriot missiles, one of the most advanced anti-aircraft systems in the world, of which Ukraine has acquired two batteries.

These allegations have not been verified by independent media. The US Department of Defense confirmed earlier that Ukraine would have already intercepted several Kinzhal missiles.

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