Robert Kennedy Jr. participates in the US elections as an independent candidate outside

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is likely to announce on October 9 that he will run as an independent candidate in next year’s US presidential elections. This is what the British news agency Reuters wrote. Kennedy posted a video on YouTube on Friday in which he said he would make a “big announcement” in Philadelphia on that date.

Kennedy is the son of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, who was also assassinated in 1963, and the nephew of Senator Ted Kennedy, who died in 2009. He was until now a member of the Democratic Party, but has been repeatedly criticized in the years The latter due to controversial statements about vaccinations, among other things. For example, Kennedy had been claiming for years that vaccinations would lead to autism, and even compared it to the Holocaust.

Despite his controversial views, he remained loyal to the Democratic Party, which turned his family into an illustrious political dynasty. But in the run-up to next year’s elections, this relationship has cooled. He initially planned to run against President Joe Biden in the primary, but according to Kennedy, that became impossible because of the party, which he says has become “indistinguishable from the Biden campaign.”


According to Reuters, Kennedy is expected to present himself as an anti-elite candidate. He said in the video on Friday that he would stand up to Washington’s “special interests” and refuse to play “the game.”

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Although Kennedy currently has little chance of becoming president, according to Reuters, he has enough name recognition to lure undecided voters away from Joe Biden. It is possible that the current most popular Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump, will lose votes to Kennedy, who is more popular among Republican voters than Democrats. Given expectations that the difference between Biden and Trump will not be large, the possible nomination of Kennedy could play an indirect role in their conflict next year.

Never before in American history has a nonpartisan candidate won a presidential election.

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