Anxiety again in the Netherlands: Hooligans throw fireworks…

Policemen stand on their feet in Roermond Saturday evening. © de Limburger

The weather was turbulent in various places in the Netherlands on Saturday evening due to groups of young people setting off fireworks. Calls were made on social media to meet. In some cases, heavy fireworks were thrown at the police. People were arrested as a result.

Source: Limburger

For example, a few dozen young people caused a disturbance in the De Kemp district of the Dutch city of Limburg Roermond. They threw heavy firecrackers at the police, who were present in large numbers.

The police tried to disperse the rioters and chased them into the neighborhood. By the end of the evening, the police had arrested four people there, including for failing to show identification, threatening and violent. Also in the place of Limburg stein The police acted after several reports of disturbance.

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Police are working in Stein, Saturday evening. © de Limburger

also in Orc The atmosphere was turbulent, as heavy fireworks were thrown at the police. Therefore, the prosecutor made it possible to allow a preventive inspection.

On Saturday, a day after the riots in Rotterdam, invitations circulated to various places in the Netherlands to set off fireworks. He could also have been troubled in Utrecht Ponchoten as well as in Eindhoven A police spokeswoman said the posts on social media were “closely monitored because we don’t want them to get out of hand”. Preventive inspections were conducted in the recreation area when necessary. also in Katwijk aan Zee The fireworks had gone off.

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in a din ding In response to the riots in Rotterdam, police appeared on Saturday with more officers on the street. Small groups of young people were stuck in the street and asked to introduce themselves. At least one waste container was incinerated. “We are on high alert,” a police spokeswoman said.

in a Amsterdam and in Rotterdam There were a lot of police on the street on Saturday.

also about Football matches in the Netherlands Saturday night was turbulent. For example, two Eredivisie matches were suspended because fans invaded stadiums. Fireworks also set off nearby.

The atmosphere was turbulent in Stein, among other places. © de Limburger

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