Prince Harry’s biographer accuses Prince Will of entourage

The feud between Prince William and Prince Harry has consistently caused a stir in the United Kingdom. After the two unveiled the statue of the late mother Diana last Friday – but separately – author Omid Scoby now claims that Prince William’s entourage created stories about his brother’s mood.

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Prince Harry’s biographer Omid Scoby speaks at a new documentary aired in the UK on Saturday. In it, he claims that the Crown Prince’s servants deliberately fabricated stories to discredit Prince Harry.


This is not a coincidence, Scoby says, the “false propaganda” began shortly after Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, traveled through South Africa. There, the two confirmed for the first time that things were not going well between the two brothers, and Markle pointed out in an interview that there was not a single illness and that he was “trying to survive”. When asked in the interview if he was “okay”, the American actress cried, saying that recently many people had not asked her if she was okay.

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Shortly afterwards, messages were sent, says Omid Scoby, who was concerned about Prince William Harry’s mental health. “But the news was deliberately ‘planted’ by Prince William’s entourage and was the basis for further separation of the brothers. Came from his entourage of ownership. ”

Accompanied by Prince William
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The documentary Harry & William: What Went Wrong aired on ITV on Saturday night and also featured the character of Megan Markle. “He came with interest to the British royal family and was willing to work,” Scoby said. “It immediately caused some friction. Markle is not someone who suddenly changes himself to please those around him please. I think Harry and Megan should have been warned: You are not the stars of the show here. There is a hierarchy and you are not the highest.

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