Professor Kirt Lerex-Rolls: “I give courage to AstraZeneca …

With companies moving in the wrong direction and unable to deliver the promised vaccines, the pressure for a modified vaccination strategy is increasing. According to vaccine expert Pierre Van Tom, there will be more clarity on the new strategy this week. Kirt Lerex-Rolls hopes to accelerate further.

Last week, Minister Frank Vandenbrook (SP.A) submitted three questions to the High Health Council in hopes of accelerating the vaccination campaign in our country. Answers are expected by noon or Wednesday. But inside morning On Radio 1, vaccine professor Keert Lerux-Rolls (Agent) also unleashed his expertise on the problems of the federal public health minister.

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After 21 days, but after 42 days we will not give the second Pfizer dose?

According to Professor Kirt Leroux-Rolls, he says on Radio 1 that the time between the two dimensions can be extended. “It is important to see if this adjustment has an impact on liability. The package leaflet states that there should be 21 days between two injections. Lerex-Rolls points out that this gap is designed to allow rapid progress in vaccine development. “There is no definitive place for this in immunity.”

According to the professor, recent studies in Israel, Scotland and the United Kingdom indicate that the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine provides significant protection against serious infections, hospitalization and death.

Can the estrogen vaccine be used by people over 55 years of age?

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“Once AstroGeneca is approved, I hope it will be released immediately to everyone over the age of 55. After a signal from Germany about the lack of statistics on that older population group, many of the brakes have been placed on the brakes and it has been announced. Provisional advice that we should not vaccinate people over the age of 55.” The idea was created that we were dealing with fewer good vaccines.I’m very sorry.One additional task now is to change that opinion because: the data is very good.Scotish data on over 1 million people over the age of 65 After the first dose, 94 percent protection against serious disease symptoms at 4 and 5 weeks It’s very good. ”

Wouldn’t it be nice to postpone the second dose for now?

Professor Lerux-Rolls would dare to do this with the vaccines of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, and postpone the second dose to a later date. In the absence of numbers, he would be very wary of messenger MRNA vaccines coming from Pfizer, Moderna, and the soon-to-be Querwack.

The professor advises limiting the dose to “everyone who has already tested positive for Covit”. “Above all, we know that the first contact with the virus will change the first dose of the vaccine.” That would already be the largest savings in our country. “We’re talking about 770,000 people. A very important person in terms of logistics and number. ”

Lerox-Rolls is already optimistic. “It is good that our vaccination strategy is being accelerated. If vaccines can be delivered in a timely manner, there is a lot of hope for the future.”

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