Protecting health or privacy on public transport?

Pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, taxis and public transport, constantly cross each other in the city. How can you better travel safely at these times without delaying travel for reasons of insecurity for yourself? The introduction of protection measures on public transport increasingly raises the question among opponents of whether there is a risk of your privacy being at risk. Thousands of meetings around the world have been devoted to protecting privacy, ignoring aspects of security or proprietary integrity.

In some countries, you simply do not participate in public transportation without a mobile phone that constantly follows you, and all heat cameras or surveillance cameras in public places should protect everyone from infection. How do we do public transportation in our country during the epidemic to protect everyone? What is our government investing in taking preventive measures in transport so that we do not become infected?

Adequate protection or not? During the pandemic, bus drivers were protected from passengers behind wooden and plastic panels. Trains were not allowed as a means of transportation, and taxis as an alternative to public transportation remain expensive for most citizens and in some cases more dangerous than the pandemic itself. After a year of public transportation “shutting down”, few steps have been taken to adapt the “travel product” to new conditions. Little or no technological safeguards have been taken. However it can be done differently!

Check before boarding

In South Korea, the traveler’s temperature has already been checked at the bus shelter to combat the Coronavirus. With the thermal camera, they check every passenger they are allowed in only and only when the body temperature is below 37.5 ° C are you allowed to travel. Ultraviolet rays in the cans sterilize and cool the air, and hand disinfection has become a standard procedure when you get on the plane. In Seoul, bus shelters are being replaced by solar-powered shelters that you can’t enter without strict supervision.

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