Protest against French windmill in the sea near De Bunne: “Large windmills like the Eiffel Tower”

Today the political party Vlaams Belang and their French fraternal party Rassemblement National campaigned against wind farm plans in Bray-Dunes, France. The move comes shortly before the French parliamentary election. “We have 1 common goal, which is to oppose the approval of wind farm projects,” said Wouter Vermeersch, federal representative for Vlaams Belang. “Those 300-meter-high mega-windmills are about the size of the Eiffel Tower.

“Like the Flemish wind farm to be built by the Flemish government, they put forward a proposal to the French government to place the windmills a short distance from the sea, but they did not want to engage in a conversation with us about this. Northern France was not satisfied with the plans. We urge you to negotiate further with the party, “Vermeersh concluded.

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