Solidarity Action Gaza Wednesday 10 August in Brussels at 3pm

A solidarity action with the Palestinian people following the recent bombing of the Gaza Strip will take place on Wednesday 10 August from 4pm to 5.30pm in front of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carmelistrade 15, Brussels.

Between the tenuous ceasefire on Friday 5 August and Sunday 7 August, the Israeli apartheid regime killed 44 Palestinians, including 15 children and 4 women. About 300 people were injured by debris or falling debris. Heartbreaking images and testimonies have once again come out of Gaza, where the majority of the population have been refugees since 1948.

In the days leading up to the massacre, Israeli apartheid intensified attacks, arresting Palestinians and completely closing all border crossings into the Gaza Strip. When there was no response from Palestine, they launched a well-prepared “breaking dawn” invasion, without the shadow of an alibi.

The immediate connection of Western governments to Israeli military aggression underscores the unbridled hypocrisy of immediately imposing sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. This Western double standard is painful, outrageous and humiliating to the people of the South, including the Palestinian people. After all, Israel’s decades of military occupation, colonialism, and apartheid rule were not only “created in the West,” but also continue to be armed, funded, and protected from accountability by the same deeply colonial and racist West, especially the United Nations. United Kingdom and European Union.

The military, diplomatic and economic support of the West, including Belgium and the European Union, has made Israeli apartheid fully complicit in this crime. Humanity is lost amid the rubble and grieving families of the Gaza Strip.

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It is time for Belgium to take effective steps to end its double standards and end the structural crimes of apartheid, colonialism and long-standing military occupation. Organizers of this rally call for:

  • Military and Security Prohibition.
  • End trade with illegal Israeli settlements.
  • Prosecuting Israel – a racist regime, a regime that kills at will. Next UN The General Assembly begins next month and Palestinians want concrete action in the form of a UN inquiry into Israeli apartheid and the re-implementation of anti-apartheid mechanisms the UN has already created. Belgium must support this request.

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