Proximus customers inadvertently pay for or Demon Games is a paid streaming app that allows you to watch live football matches and summaries. Demon Games is offering consumers the opportunity to play games in broadcast mode. There is nothing wrong with that, were it not for the fact that the company behind the apps, PM Connect Ltd. Based in the UK, she has a very aggressive way of doing business.

Compulsory subscriptions

While surfing the internet or playing a game on a smartphone, a popup for or Demon Games suddenly appears. User instinctively clicks away from the popup via the intersection. So, it comes as a surprise that consumers pay just under 5 euros a month on their telecom bill for a contract with one of the two services. In the past year we have already received around 100 complaints about this. Proximus, which provides applications, is the most popular communications operator.

In violation of Belgian law

But the problem is much broader. In one year, we actually received 300 complaints about third-party services that ended up surreptitiously on our telecom bill. In addition, we have raised the alarm again and again about this form of violent business practice.

The desire to enter into a contract should always be explicit: just clicking on a popup is not enough to bind you as a consumer. Hence the company behind the app is completely against Belgian law.

Ostrich policy

Additionally, we have found that consumers get the least help from their telecom operator when they notice additional unwanted costs being charged to the bill. However, the operator is legally obligated to process the complaint and transmit it to the company for which the service is alleged to be closed.

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We are therefore writing a letter to both provider and Proximus, the operator with the most complaints. We also file a complaint with FPS Economy and BIPT.

If you are charged unjustified charges on your communications bill, you can submit a complaint through our complaints unit.

Make a complaint

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