New ‘Super Cable’ for data centers between I.J.Muyton and the UK

At first glance it looks like a normal construction site, deposited in the parking lot at I.Jamuyton Ann Zee Beach. The most important cable connection between the UK, the Netherlands and the rest of the world has nothing to do with the work being done here. Yet it is so.

A hole is being drilled for a new cable in a parking lot near the beach – NH. News / Tennis Monts

“We are building here Important infrastructure “Kevin Dean, Marketing President, UK, explains. A word of mouth, but it boils down to the artery for internet services in Western Europe. “We’re talking about a super highway here.”

UnitedWorks, a London-based international company, has been building and operating thousands of miles of cable connections in Europe. Through their fiber optic network, from data center to data center, city to city and country to country. Think about your virtual family photos, games and chat conversations. But companies in particular are increasingly working on the ‘cloud’, and they are benefiting from the merger.

Since 20 years

Current cables between the UK and the Netherlands, laid in the late 1990s, are now nearing the end of their productive lives. The new cable at IJMuyton will be the first of its kind in the North Sea, almost twice as capable.

It is true that cable lands in Nord-Holland were not selected arbitrarily. Amsterdam has been one of the most important web hubs in the world for many years Data Centers in Agriport, Schiphol-Rijk and Almer, that position will only be strengthened.

Such a super connection already exists between London and Dublin. Amsterdam is now connected via cable at iJmuyton.

Various data cables (approximate locations) in the North Sea near North Holland. The text continues below the cover

“It really strengthens economic ties between the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world,” says Dean, noting the importance of good data connections between cities. “This system Art level And for the first time in 20 years. “

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Construction process

In laying the cable Before a long process. For example, the permits had to be negotiated with both countries, and the process took about two years. Some areas had to ask permission from the British Queen.

Construction is now in full swing. Work is now underway on a 17-meter-deep hole in the parking lot near the beach, from where the cable will be pulled to a temporary site 400 meters from the beach. After this, the cable is then buried at the bottom of the North Sea.

“This will lead to the emergence of new technology hubs between I.J.Muyton and Amsterdam”

Kevin Dean

A new technique is used during construction. Cameras are used to search for low points of sand waves at the bottom of the ocean so that the cable disappears under the sand layer over time due to the current. “This process provides greater protection by burying the cable deeper and has less impact on the environment.”

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There are a few data cables across the North Sea between the Netherlands and the UK, mainly from the 1990s (see map above). One of the most important at the moment is Atlantic Crossing 1 (AC-1), which runs from New York to Beverwijk, via England and German Watten. The location of the cable lands has been named by the US government as important infrastructure. Beverwiz also became Mentioned in WikiLeaks Docs.

Like the AC-1, the cable landslide at Ijmuyton is part of the ‘critical infrastructure’ and will receive solid protection. Of course, UnitWorks can’t say exactly how, but the location will be physical and almost safe.

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The actual pulling of the cable will begin in June. When the work is done, Parking will be reset.

Technology Center at IJmuiden?

Cable’s arrival also provides opportunities for businesses in the region, Dean says. “Internet companies, including data centers, can position themselves close to the cable, which could lead to the emergence of new technology centers between iJmuyton and Amsterdam.”

This means that there will soon be data centers in the port of I.Jamuyton. According to Ton van der Scheer of the OV IJmond Employers’ Association, there is a shortage of land. “We see port-related companies going there before,” he says.

Nevertheless it can certainly provide for entrepreneurs in iJamond. “We were already well connected by sea and now by cable”, van der Schirke joked.

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