“Punishing someone who talks about mental health is not good”

Lewis Hamilton expressed his support for Naomi Osaka. The 23-year-old tennis star has abandoned her participation in the Roland Garros Tennis Championships after refusing to speak to the press, something the organization was not happy about.

Osaka said she has suffered from depression for years, and that she does not want to talk to the press because she will have anxiety attacks. However, press talks are mandatory, and after the refusal, the organization threatened to disqualify. Later, she withdrew from the Grand Slam tournament.

Hamilton applauds Osaka’s “courage” after Roland Garros surrender

Hamilton now stands behind the tennis star. “When you’re young and suddenly you’re in the spotlight, it affects you so badly”, as the seven-time world champion says in a conversation with him Reuters. “Most of us aren’t ready for that.”

continue: “I think she’s incredibly brave and I applaud her courage, because those in power now have to think about how to respond. Punishing the person who talks about her mental health is not good. They certainly could have handled that better.Mercedes driver said.

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