Gamerverse Daily: Ubisoft+ Coming to Stadia in Belgium and Final E3 Schedule Revealed

Today in Gamerverse Daily: Ubisoft shares more topical information about the Ubisoft Forward E3 show, today’s Ubisoft+ releases for Stadia in Belgium, and the official E3 schedule is known.

Ubisoft shared more information today about its Ubisoft Forward press conference on January 12. The developer publisher promises that we’ll learn more about critically acclaimed titles, newly announced titles, and a few surprises. The show will start at 8pm with a preview that provides more updates on current games like for honorAnd the TrackmanyAnd the BrawlhallaAnd the Watch Dogs Corps and more. We’ll also learn more about the “new Rainbow Six game”, Far Cry 6 and the Riders Republic. It’s not clear what the “surprises” are, but we hope to see more of them skull and bones وAnd the Beyond Good and Evil 2 back splinter cell.

Ubisoft+ is coming to Stadia

Furthermore, today Ubisoft is launching Ubisoft+ for Stadia stadiums in Belgium. With a subscription, you get instant access to all Ubisoft games that can be played through Stadia. At the time of writing, there were already quite a few (such as Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAnd the Soaring Phoenix Immortals On Watch Dogs Corps), but Ubisoft is also bringing more and more of its old games to Stadia. Soon they will bring an example rainbow six sig On assassin’s creed black banner Google’s cloud gaming service.

The official E3 schedule has been announced

Finally, the organization behind E3 has also distributed the official schedule for the upcoming E3 show. It all starts on June 12 with press conferences for Ubisoft and Gearbox Entertainment, and the event will conclude on June 15 with a Nintendo Direct Show and an official E3 award. Fans can register via Official Website Sign up for a free account, so you don’t miss anything from the gallery.

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