Putin believes that NATO and the United States are crossing the “red line” with military exercises in Ukraine: these are the facts

What are military exercises?

Putin met his Belarusian counterpart Lukashenko on Monday to discuss NATO’s “increased activity” in Ukraine. Ukrainian units began military exercises with NATO and US forces last week. 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 2,000 Western soldiers are taking part in the maneuvers.

The exercise, Rapid Trident 2021, comes on the heels of a large-scale joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus along the borders of Ukraine and NATO countries. Up to 200,000 soldiers participated in it.

What exactly worries Russia and Belarus?

Russia and Belarus say the military exercises amount to an “infrastructure expansion” of the Western alliance in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The Kremlin appears to be even more alarmed by the presence of US units stationed in Ukraine since April on a training mission.

“They are bringing NATO forces to Ukraine,” Lukashenko said after meeting Putin. Under the guise of training centers, they are already creating bases in the country. Obviously, we have to respond to that.”

Russia is also likely to be concerned about the US Congress’ call to supply Ukraine with more weapons. These include Iron Dome anti-aircraft systems. But it is doubtful whether the Biden administration would agree, fearing that it would inflame tension in the region.

Did Putin and Lukashenko reach an agreement?

According to Lukashenko, he and Putin agreed that something had to be done. “Otherwise, tomorrow we will have an unacceptable situation on the borders with Russia and Belarus.” He did not say what actions the countries planned to take.

How does Ukraine respond to the Kremlin’s threats?

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba ignored the Kremlin’s threats. He tweeted that Russia should not interfere in the situation in Ukraine. Putin’s “red lines” end at Russia’s borders. On our side of the border, we decide for ourselves what to do in the interests of the Ukrainian people, the security of Ukraine and Europe.”

Relations between the two countries have been very poor since Russia seized Crimea in 2014 and provided military support to pro-Russian separatists who seized power in the east of the country.

Is there still a possibility of NATO membership for Ukraine?

Ukraine has been pushing to join NATO for years, much to Russia’s chagrin. According to Moscow, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, the military alliance of Eastern Europe, the West promised that NATO would not expand eastward.

At the moment, NATO has little incentive to accept Ukraine. The conflict with Russia over Crimea and pro-Russian breakaway regions plays an important role in this. To his disappointment, Ukraine has not yet been accepted into the Membership Action Plan, a kind of online portal for NATO.

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