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Where does this news come from?

You can puncture a large, annoying blister. According to some sites, this is best done using a clean needle that is heated in a flame, after which you cleanse the skin around the wart. Other websites suggest that it is not wise to pop a blister with a hot needle.

According to first aid advice from the Belgian Red Cross in Flanders, large, annoying blisters or blisters that are at risk of rupture can be pierced with a needle, but it is best not to put them in flames:

  • Cleaning The blister and the surrounding skin with running water or a water-based disinfectant do not change color.
  • Hold a needle (a sterile needle if available, if not one from a suture kit) parallel to the skin and prick the base of the blister several times.
  • Busy Immediately Sterile pressure Fluid from the blister.
  • Cleaning The wound and the surrounding skin are cleaned again.
  • dry Wound environment. Do not touch the wound.
  • Cover the wound Using a wound dressing, sterile compress, or second skin dressing.

(1) Various locations

How should you interpret this news?

You could Use a needle To pop a blister, however It is best not to keep them in the flame first. If you hold a needle in the flame for a long time, its end will turn black Soot particles. If you then open the blister, soot particles will get into the opened blister. Contained in soot particles Chemicals Which should not be applied to affected skin. That’s why it’s not smart to stick a needle into the flame. If you need to disinfect the needle, do so with antisepticNot by fire.

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Do you want to pop a big, annoying pimple? First disinfect or clean the blister, puncture it in a few places with a needle held horizontally on the skin, then squeeze the fluid from the blister with gauze. Some people like to disinfect the needle beforehand by holding it in a flame. It’s not a good idea. Placing the needle in a flame creates soot particles on the needle. Contains ingredients that you should not apply to affected skin.

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