Quantum dream eclipse revealed and Lucasfilm games

New Star Wars game comes from Quantum Dream Heavy rain employment Detroit: Word men. Mysterious first trailer Star Wars Eclipse Revealed at The Game Awards 2021, it promises to be a “complex action-adventure game” set during the relatively new era of Star Wars’ Upper Republic.

The trailer is heavy in mood and very light in details. It starts with a seemingly mysterious character beating a huge drum as part of a ritual for something. We get images of darkness spreading across the galaxy. Yoda Gedi looks out of the temple window – perhaps in Coruscand – and the citizens of many planets look on with concern. Meanwhile, a huge army with an unknown emblem is gathering strength. Finally, we return to the mysterious drums, only for a menacing figure to emerge from the pit of tar, to secure the end of some kind of vile ritual.

This game takes place during the High Republic of Star Wars and was discovered only recently Recent books in the series. The Age of the Supreme Republicans takes place during the time of Jedi power, about 200 years before the epic star Skywalker, although that doesn’t mean evil lurks in the galaxy.

as you say game site, which is often placed on the outer edge. You play a group of different “secret” characters who each play out their own cool stories, skills, and stories about the game.

The trailer has no release date or locations. After viewing the trailer, Game Awards host Jeff Keckley noted that the game is still in its infancy.

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