Queen Elizabeth’s corgis get ‘a la carte menu’

Buckingham Palace Corgis have a luxurious life. This is evident from the juicy stories of Queen Elizabeth’s former chef.

British Queen Elizabeth is known for her love of corgis. In fact, he bred dogs for a long time. As of 2018, the Queen has no corgis. It’s a conscious choice. She didn’t want to leave the animals alone if she died.

Queen Elizabeth's corgis get 'a la carte menu'
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An à la carte menu was served to the Royal Corgis

Queen Elizabeth’s former chef recently revealed that her corgis can choose from an a la carte menu every day. According to Daily Mail Chef Darren McGrady has been making fresh dog treats for fifteen years.

Chef McGrady shows how he prepares elaborate dishes on his YouTube channel. For example, he made dishes with rabbit, liver and steak. There should not be a single bone in the meat, otherwise the corgis may choke.

“I thought I was going to cook for kings, queens and presidents,” says McGrady. “I don’t expect to have to prepare food for the Queen’s dogs.” McGrady won’t reveal exactly how he chose the Queen’s corgis map.

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Twelve adorable corgis

The twelve corgis that lived at Buckingham Palace when McGrady worked there were very petite. They all had their own woven basket in the ‘corgi room’ specially set up for them. Two servants tended the animals throughout the day and brought their food from the kitchen.

Corgis and horses

Rani’s last Raskorgi died in 2018. Elizabeth was very upset. In December 2018, she suffered even more animal grief when her favorite horse, PH Keston, died. Queen Elizabeth may have had a fondness for horses and corgis. PH Keston was rigged before a majestic white horse and the Queen’s carriage.

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In the Netflix hit series crown Liz’s love of animals also comes to the fore, in regards to the lives of Queen Elizabeth and other royals. Her character even suggests that if she hadn’t been queen, she would have become a racehorse breeder.

Recently, Queen Elizabeth was seen in the United Kingdom for the first time since the lockdown began. Not with a new Corgi on the line, though On a pony named Fern at Windsor Castle.

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