Queen of Vaccines: ‘Think of Others’ | Abroad

94 years old Queen He admitted, “If people are never vaccinated, it will be very difficult for them. But they need to think about others instead of themselves. “The needle itselfVery harmless”Elizabeth said:“ As I enjoyed it, it was nothing. It was so fast, I got so many letters from people wondering how easy it is to get vaccinated. No injection hurt. “

According to the British Queen, the vaccine also brings peace of mind: “Once you are vaccinated, you have this feeling: I am protected. I think that is very important. “


The British Queen was particularly impressed by the epidemic: “It’s like a plague, isn’t it? Because not only are we dealing with the virus here, it is everywhere. This is a significant battle. Elizabeth likened the war, especially the vaccination program, to World War II: “I was through the war, and it seems like everyone is on the same page.”

The fight is going well in the UK as millions of Britons have already been vaccinated. The Queen Particularly impressed: “It’s remarkable how quickly all of this has been done and how many people have already received a vaccine.” This was mainly due to his conversational partners, so they received a compliment:Keep up the good work!

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