Quest Short: Sperm cells are fed up with cell phones

Are you a man and still want to have children? Then put your phone away more often. It turns out your sperm aren’t a fan of the chattering machine.

Application without sperm

Thirteen-year analysis Researchers at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) Sperm quality of nearly 3,000 young men. They also had to complete questionnaires about their phone use. The researchers discovered that the semen of men who did not use their phones more than once a week contained 21% more sperm cells than men who checked their apps more than 20 times a day. The Swiss did not find a link between the device’s storage location and sperm quality.

Radioactive sperm cells

Fortunately, there is little reason to panic. Differences in sperm quality have become smaller over the years. This may indicate that harmful radio frequency radiation emitted by phones has decreased after the arrival of 3G and 4G networks. The precise effect of radiation is now the subject of a follow-up study.

It is also interesting: Sperm donation is a valuable solution for unwanted childless people. This raises the question: Why do so many people want to have children?

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