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to updateRepublican Leader Matt Gaetz filed a motion Monday local time to impeach his party colleague and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gates had previously announced this move, due to dissatisfaction with the emergency budget approved by McCarthy in the House of Representatives with the help of Democrats.

By filing the so-called “eviction motion,” Gaetz has now ensured that a vote will have to be held on a possible impeachment of McCarthy. According to US media, this should usually be done within 48 hours, although the vote can still be postponed in various ways.

The radical faction of the Republican Party, to which Gates belongs, does not agree with the emergency budget approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate on Saturday, with the support of Democrats. “We have a lot of people in Congress who I think would be very qualified to be president,” Gaetz said Monday, when the proposal was still being prepared. ‘We have to restore trust’ The radical actor also said he spoke with former President Donald Trump about the plan.

It is unclear whether McCarthy’s impeachment motion has a chance of success. A few Democrats have indicated whether they would vote to leave him, although progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told ABC News she would not support the proposal. It is also unclear how many supporters Gaetz has within his party.

A very small majority

Republicans have a very narrow majority of no more than five votes in the House of Representatives, which means that some extremist representatives are able to assert their will. At the beginning of this year, at least 15 rounds of voting were needed before McCarthy received sufficient support. Even then, Gaetz was one of the insurgents who increased the pressure on McCarthy. It cannot be surprising that he now wants to push the president aside.

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McCarthy himself also indicated on Saturday that he realized he was putting his office at risk, but indicated in an interview with CBS News on Sunday that he was confident he would survive any motion against him. He also appealed to his party’s right wing, saying: “Let’s stop this. “Let’s start with the judging,” McCarthy said. “If (Gaetz) is angry because he tried to force us to shut down the government and you blocked it, let’s have that conversation.”

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