A flexible haven that combines nature and architecture

We are excited to introduce you to CAMPout, a stunning 3,800 square foot retreat located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California. Designed by the visionary Faulkner Architects in collaboration with the talented interior design team at NICOLEHOLLIS, CAMPout is a testament to the harmonious integration of architecture and the natural environment.

Nestled in the shadow of an 8,000-foot extinct volcano, this extraordinary home is a site that instantly inspires awe and wonder. The essence of CAMPout reflects a commitment to sustainable design, resilience and a deep connection to the environment. In a world where visual aesthetics often take precedence over practicality, CAMPout stands as a beacon of thoughtful design. Instead of succumbing to arbitrary material choices or flashy shapes, they fit seamlessly into the natural context. The result is a masterpiece that not only attracts attention, but also appeals to the senses and soul. As we face the growing challenges of climate change and wildfires, CAMPout is a symbol of resilience. The construction incorporates advanced technologies and materials, with an emphasis on fire resistance, energy efficiency and sustainability. The choice of materials is inspired by the surrounding landscape, with the palette reflecting the earthy tones of basalt rock and rust-colored pine needles. One of the distinctive features of the project is its integration into the landscape. It’s not just a home, it’s a haven that embraces the outdoors. The sleeping areas surround a central courtyard, providing privacy while enhancing the connection to nature. The family area, a concrete pavilion, invites the outdoors and floods the interior with sunlight and offers stunning views of the nearby mountain.

The result not only attracts attention, but also appeals to the senses and soul.

Concrete and steel provide a fire-resistant barrier, protecting the original cedar interior that was carefully left unfinished. The basalt floors reflect the natural environment and the black steel structure adds a touch of industrial elegance. Every detail, every material and every choice serves a purpose and creates a sense of calm presence that allows the beauty of the landscape to take center stage. CAMPout is not just a home; It is a statement of our responsibility towards the environment. It reminds us that we can build homes that not only withstand the forces of nature, but also honor and celebrate them. It is a call to action, urging us to think about the impact of our choices on our planet and our future.

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In a world where design often forgets its context, the project stands as a beacon of inspiration. It is a testament to the power of architecture to blend seamlessly with the environment, provide protection from the harshest elements and provide an oasis of beauty and tranquility in an ever-changing world. CAMPout reminds us that as stewards of the planet, we can build not just for today, but for generations to come. Photography by Joe Fletcher
Text by Elke Aerts

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