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History has rights. Events of the past, but also events of the recent past. That’s why we’ve renewed the radio’s diary. Very powerful update. We go further than ever before in time and communicate as closely as possible with the present. This is the history of radio as it happened between 1900 and 2020.


– Radio Voltage (Harelbeke) breaks all ties with NRJ-Vlaanderen by recorded letter.

– The Media Authority has fined the broadcaster 1,400 euros for the extremely high transmission capacity. Radio Antigone had filed a complaint.

4FM is hiring a commercial director. Veerle Schevenels holds a master’s degree in sociology and a graduate degree in media and information sciences. For nine years, she worked for the advertising agency VAR as a consultant for the radio and television divisions.

2002: Following a complaint from the Walloon and RTBF community, the State Council suspended 20 FM frequencies from 4FM and Qmusic in Antwerp and Brussels, among others. Since the VCM has not been informed without three supervisory managers, this turn of events has no consequences for the time being.

2003: The Department of Information discloses through a plan the FM frequencies for local stations and regional networks. These will be allocated to license holders in the fall.

2004: ‘RadioVisie’ and ‘Radio Actief’ work together. The latter site analyzes the radio profiles and the most important topics from the media news “RadioVisie” in more detail.

2018: The VROB event radio starts at ‘Picasso Village’ in Lochristi at 87.6MHz. It will be broadcast until 15/7/2018, with of course also a lot of interest for the Red Devils in the World Cup. There is a break for the “Kermis Dorpsstraat”. During non-sporting days, there is non-stop music on the programme.

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1970: Finally, Radio Capital’s futuristic ship, ‘MV King David’, has dropped anchor near Noordwijk.

1972: The power of the AM station of North Sea Radio International on “Mebo II” will be increased from 35 kW to 90 kW.


– In the House of Representatives, “CDA” wonders why no action was taken against Radio Monique.

– ‘WVC’ (‘Welfare, Public Health, and Culture’) Minister Elko Brinkmann reveals all the details about the census of VOO members (“Veronica Omroep Organisatie”). It takes the upper bound as a starting point.

1999: RNW gives Radio Kosovo 21 shortwave broadcast time. Thus, thanks to help in Western Europe, the station whose entry was blocked in Macedonia can reach its citizens via the Internet.

2001: An attempt at cooperation between “SBS” and “The Veronica Society” failed. As a result, Veronica will not return to the V8, Fox 8. The former parties did not agree on the financial value of the “Veronica” brand.

2001: Radio National signs an agreement with the British company “Merlin Communications” for the rental of AM 1296 kHz. This is used by the BBC World Service in the evening. The transmitter on the British coast has a capacity of 500 kW and operates with directional antennas on the European mainland.

2002: 39 radio stations are interested in a temporary radio license that will last until 1/9/2003. This is evidenced by the number of participants in the comparative test of commercial stations. 11 of them compete on one of the two national frequencies. The remaining 28 stations want regional or local frequency. Minister of State for Economic Affairs Rick van der Ploeg and fellow Department of Transportation, Public Works and Water Monique de Vries will provide more information in two weeks.

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1962: Denmark

Politicians pass a law against marine dispatchers.

1968: New Zealand

Radio Hauraki’s ship “Terry” ends up at sea again.

1970: United Kingdom

Radio North Sea International on “Mebo II” is Radio Caroline. Various messages are calling for voters to vote for the Conservative Party in the election. Canal fans are also demonstrating in the streets against the British government’s jamming.

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