Animated movie The Mitchells vs. Machines: A catchy take on the superhero genre

The Mitchell family is on an adventure.

Netflix production Mitchells vs Machines Puts a well-known story into a modern jacket. The animated movie about a dysfunctional family who must save the world from the technological apocalypse is inspired by internet culture, especially viral videos on YouTube and the phenomenon of ugly cute dogs.

The animated film is directed by Michael Rianda and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are also lego movie Orientation. Likes lego movie Collecting Mitchells vs Machines A story about family struggles and a story about the end of the world. and like lego movie This movie does it in a colorful and fun way. But getting the message across, which is a bit more complex than the call for creativity that characterized the aforementioned film, requires a little more effort.

Modern technology

Technology has caused a rift between the teens who were once close to Katie Mitchell (Abby Jacobson) and her father, Rick (Danny McBride). Katie is a tech-savvy creative about to leave film school in California. Rick has dreamed of living in a cabin in the woods, finding screwdrivers the perfect gift for all occasions, and he’s so caught up in his aversion to modern technology that he refuses to watch Katie’s movies. One of these films is a sensation on YouTube police dog, starring pet Munshi, the two-eyed pug hanging out his tongue the entire time.

As a last resort to bridge their differences, Rick plans a road trip to Katie College with his wife Linda (Maya Rudolph) and son Aaron (Ryanda). According to the logic of the movie that will one day be released under the name Connected, both sides are right about the technology.

The road trip coincides with the launch of Pal, previously an Alexa or Siri-style operating system, which has now been upgraded to a very powerful bot. Shown by Mark Bowman (Eric Andre), CEO of a fictional tech giant based on famous titans, this takes a dark turn as old Pal (Olivia Colman) carries out her plan of revenge. Criticism of technology is woven into the story, as well as praise for the creativity it brings and the ability to connect with others and “find your people”.

With the enormous energy of sugar rush Insisting on avoiding the resulting meltdown, the film favors impulse action sequences to deepen the characters, resulting in a climax that occupies almost the entirety of the film’s second half. The pace is fast but Mitchells vs Machines Offers an engaging experience of the superhero genre.

Mitchells vs Machines

Director Michael Rianda
to vote Abby Jacobson, Michael Ryanda, Maya Rudolph, Danny McBride, Olivia Colman
to be seen on Netflix

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