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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extract

Rainbow Six Extraction is an exciting game that is fun when you play it alone, but also with two or three players, which is great. The game is much quieter and exciting solo, while getting more chaotic and more challenging with multiplayer. Since the game generates missions randomly, you will never play the exact same Incursion game, but the actions associated with the missions are always the same. This ensures that the game is often fun for an hour or a few hours, but then quickly loses its appeal. There is a story, but this is not important. The advantage of this is that you can play the game again for a few hours later without any problems; After all, it is impossible to lose the thread of the story. Although the gameplay is good and the game is really fun, it doesn’t add much overall. In addition, the ominous atmosphere may well turn out, but the game is also not a high flyer from an audiovisual point of view. Buying them guarantees you some evenings of fun, but those who leave the game behind won’t miss out on much.

When we were able to preview Rainbow Six Extraction in June of last year, we left most questions. It wasn’t entirely clear to us who was meant by this game. It was partly because it wasn’t clear what role the story would play in the game and how long the gameplay would still be interesting. Another question we’re left with is whether the obvious similarities with Rainbox Six Siege might mean that players who didn’t like this game might not like it either. And can players who play Siege start with this casual game as well? So the game is in a difficult situation up front. In addition, many questions about gaming systems cannot be answered yet. So it comes as no surprise that the match planned for September 2021 has been postponed to early 2022. We’ve now been able to run the full version at scale, but have all the questions been answered? No, not that.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is a game originated in Rainbow Six Siege. This game is mainly about PvP, but with the game mode Outbreak in Chimera Expansion, there was already a PvE mode for three players. This is the foundation upon which Rainbow Six Extraction is built. So it is possible that you are familiar with the idea a little, although of course the extraction is more extensive. The game is about an outbreak of the Chimera parasite that is spreading around the world from the United States at lightning speed. The operators are put to work for React, which stands for Rainbow Containment External Analysis Team. The task of this team is to get a picture of the outbreak and learn more about the parasite, its accompanying monsters, and the mutations that arise and are discovered by playing quests and collecting samples.

These monsters are called Archaeans and you will find them in all shapes and sizes during your missions. The monsters you encounter depend on the level you play at. At the lowest level you will only encounter the standard variants, but at the higher levels you will get other antiques on your board. Not only this; So mutations can happen that complicate matters. For example, the nests you come across that you usually destroy easily can suddenly have an extra layer, making them more difficult to demolish. There is also a mutation that allows Archaens to be invisible, without the need for a Lurker – which can do so by default. It is one of the ways that extraction becomes more difficult at higher levels.

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Things like that don’t come into play when the game just starts. The adventure begins in New York, where you can’t even choose the higher levels at first. This is a good thing, because if you are just starting out, Rainbow Six Extraction is not an easy game. The approach is simple enough. You enter Incursion alone or with one or other players. You are dropped into one of the map areas and your first mission begins there. Once you’re done, you’ll have the option to either move on to the next area and do another mission there, or head toward the helipad to get out of the incursion. The incursion consists of three areas, so you will at best complete three missions before boarding the helicopter to reach safety.

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